Mas & Miek


Charlie De Deyne & Mieke Proost - De Deyne

Mas & Miek is a creative collaboration by mother / daughter duo, Charlie and Mieke Proost - De Deyne.

Charlie obtained a Bachelor of Fine Art at Queensland College of Art in Brisbane, with an interdisciplinary study of Jewellery & Small Objects whilst Mieke studied her Masters in Fine Arts, Ceramics at the Australian National University in Canberra.

Mas & Miek arose through many days spent in the hinterland studio working together, and the shared excitement of utilising our handmade objects within our home.

Our love for the earthly material and exploration of process are the fundamentals of our small scale practice. We continuously chase the fleeting moments of elemental chance; the slight change in temperature or atmosphere in the kiln that splashes unexpected effects across a glaze.

Through endless experimenting in firing and glazing, Mas & Miek strives to bring unique hand-made objects back on the table in every home.